23andMe Data Leak – October 2023

The 23andMe data leak was first reported in October 20231. Approximately 6.9 million 23andMe customers had their data compromised after an anonymous hacker accessed user-profiles and posted them for sale on the internet earlier that year. The breach exposed sensitive information, including health data, and raised concerns about privacy and security. The company confirmed the breach and the extent of the compromised data in a notification letter to California’s attorney general.

  1. Incident: The 23andMe data leak occurred, affecting approximately 6.9 million 23andMe customers.
  2. Date Reported: The breach was first reported in October 2023.
  3. Details: An anonymous hacker accessed user-profiles and posted them for sale on the internet. The compromised data included sensitive information, including health data.
  4. Concerns: The breach raised significant concerns about privacy and security.
  5. Company Response: 23andMe confirmed the breach and notified California’s attorney general about the extent of the compromised data.


  1. NBC News: Hackers compiled a giant apparent list of people with Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry after taking that information from the genetic testing service 23andMe. The database was shared on dark web forums and viewed by NBC News, containing a list of 999,999 people who allegedly used the service. – Read more
  2. Communications of the ACM: The dataset from the August 11 Hydra post matched some user records leaked in the first week of October. A threat actor posted a link to a database on the BreachForums dark web market. The breach prompted legal scrutiny, with Connecticut’s attorney general pressing 23andMe for answers. – Read more
  3. CyberNews: A threat actor on the cybercrime marketplace BreachForums claimed to have obtained data from 7 million 23andMe users. The company confirmed that unauthorized access may have occurred, putting the data of an unknown number of customers at risk. – Read more
  4. TechRadar: DNA testing firm 23andMe confirmed that a threat actor may have gained unauthorized access to some accounts, putting the data of a currently unknown number of customers at risk. – Read more

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